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Full Version: "no Such Device"
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Using SuSE 9.0 on an ex-Windows 95 machine.

Configured a Lucent winmodem using the rpm package ltmodem. I did the configuration with YaST, so it was automated. Linux put the modem on ttyLT0, in the /dev folder.

The configuration appeared to be successful.

The modem won't dial. When Linux tries to access the ttyLT0 device, it returns an error that says "No such device." This is true using the Internet tool in KDE (I can't remember what it's called) or by trying to control the modem directly with the bash shell. If I try to access /dev/modem (which I understand is symbolically linked to ttyLT0), Linux also returns "No such device."

Any suggestions? Should I give up and try an external modem? Are any new external modems compatible with Linux (most of them list Windows "requirements"; I'm worried that they'll need Windows software to run them, just like a winmodem--making them useless without a Linux driver). thanks so much.
I don't have any experience with WinModems in Linux ... but many can be made work..

Check out this site:
After digging in /var/log/messages, the problem appears to be one of two things: (1) either linux just won't run the ltmodem driver because of license problems (it issues a warning about a lack of license; then loads it anyway; then unloads it); or (2) the "alternate" driver that it attempts to use, ltserial.o, is corrupted. Linux tries to run the modem with ltserial.o. Then the following message comes up: insmod char-major-62 failed.

I don't know what that means. Also, I don't know if ltserial is ALWAYS supposed to run (along with ltmodem), or if linux just loads it because ltmodem won't work. I'm going to get another version of ltmodem and try that (the one I got was from the SuSE support site). I understand that Lucent has allowed the use of its info for this driver.

Any help would be appreciated.
More information for those interested:

ltserial is a part of the ltmodem package; so if there's a problem with ltserial, it's coming from the rpm package itself (in other words, ltserial is not a generic driver installed by linux);

I updated to the latest version of ltmodem from SuSE's site, hoping to solve the problem. No luck. I do note from the comments that there are apparently many people having problems with the ltmodem package.

Everything I've read says forget the winmodem and install an external modem. I'm getting close.
Or an internal NON winmodem ....

I wish I could be more help .... I build all my own PCs (I have 8 at home that I built, and I manage several hundred at work), but I haven't used a modem (except in my laptop, on travel) in 6 years ... and I don't have a phone connection in my office or any modems to install.

Sorry sad.gif
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