ok i got bind 9.2.1 to run but i think my config is a little screwed up casue to take way to long for my dns to update

ns0.systes.net = master
ns1.systes.net = slave
ns2.systes.net = slave on diffrent network

and well systes.net is my domain name

well its really kinda hard to explain my problem when it could be just about anything so waht i'll do is add it links on the forum so any one who can see my conf :) let me know of any messups :) that i may have done

Master Set


Slave Set


hope this help.. bind works but takes a long time too long really then what it did.. i had help last time but my friend is no longer with us so.. and i didn't keep a backup so i kinda messed up there thanks for any help in this guys/gals