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Full Version: Help Installing Firefox On Redhat 8.0
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Dynamic Performance
Hello all linux users! I am a young male trying to learn linux. It is very slow and plodding work, and i make lots of mistakes, but i have just got my old dell laptop, installed with redhat linux 8.0, onto the internet, i feel very proud. Now, i want to surf the internet, but popups make me nervous. I want to install Firefox 0.8 But i do not know how to? if someone could please explain to me how to install from a script file? or even just how to install firefox, that would be much appreciated.
my e-mail is:

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So here are the steps....

1.Please download Mozilla Firefox 0.8 from the internet, to [for example ONLY!, /home/Dynamic Perfomance/firefox-0.8-i686-linux-gtk2+xft.tar.gz
2.Extract .tar.gz or .tgz files, run the following command in a terminal:
a.)go to the /home/Dynamic Perfomance directory
b.)tar -zxvf firefox-0.8-i686-linux-gtk2+xft.tar.gz (please see the NEWBIE section in , there are some really nice explanations for unpacking files, copying, deleting etc. You should definetly read those few pages)
3.Please go to the /home/Dynamic Perfomance/firefox directory!
4.And enter firefox, there you have it, you can naturaly create a quick launch to it, just go back to the desktop
and press the right mouse button, NEW LAUNCHER, and click on browse and locate /home/Dynamic Perfomance/firefox/firefox. You must enter a name for the LAUNCHER , and can chose an icon to if you wan't.

That's it.

Robert B
Dynamic Performance
thanks dude... it still does not run, sigh

I know how to unpack data, and how to compile programs in linux, but for some reason, if i run the firefox script, it does nothing. oh well, i will get opera i guess, though firefox looks killer on my Windows box.
I have run firefox on rh8 and rh9 ... nothing was required to run the program except what Robert83 said ...

Just download the file (you want the gtk2+xft one), extract it, (I move the firefox directory to /usr/lib ... optional), then use the command:


(if you use another location for /usr/lib then substitute that location)
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