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Full Version: Need Help Installing Linux On Mac
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I have a couple questions i need answers. I have a clamshell ibook and plan on installing linux mandrake on it. I have downloaded the iso, but my crappy ibook cr rom is unable to read the cd when i burn it. The cd-rom is not all that great on the clamshell ibooks. I was wondering if i could install from an external cd burner? The second question when i burn the cd and put them in my external cd-rom it says the fdormat is unreadable to mac. I burn them as disk images with toast buring software. What's the problem? Thanks in advance for any help.
I have read many reviews concerning installing Linux on Apple hardware ... and most (including the latest ones) say the yellow dog linux version 3.0 or 3.01 are much more full featured on Mac machines (PPC machines in general) than any other distro.

Sorry, I don't know anything about Mac hardware...
A friend of mine owns an iMac and says that Yellow Dog linux is the best one for the PPC system.
I want to hear how this goes considering I am writing to you right now from my (fairly) new PowerBook G4 and I wouldn't mind hearing about how I could get linux on here to.

Keep us posted on the form.
Well I will install linux anytime sone, I just need to get past the problem that my cd-rom will not read some cd-r. If you can give me a little help, then I can start the installation and tell you how it went. Thanks for any help in advance
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