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Full Version: Linux Noob Needs Help With Itmodem
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Hi. Im a linux noob. I just installed red hat 9 with kernel 2.4 (or something like that) and I have a lucent win modem. I burned itmodem to a cd (I cant go on the web with linux without a modem, so I used windows), and unpacked it in red hat... one problem -- I know nothing about linux, and I need step by step instructions to get it running. Can someone give me step by step instructions on installation? thanks a lot.
My understanding is that winmodems are generally not support because of the inherent design of the hardware (all of the important calculations are removed from the hardware and placed in a driver which runs on your CPU, and those drivers are only available for Windows). However, I did hear about a winmodem driver project... you will have to look in that. But don't get your hopes up.
So I just looked up the itmodem thing and it looks like you may have lucked out.

What type of file did you download? A source file? (*.gzip, *.tar, or *.tar.gz) or an RPM? (*.rpm).

If you downloaded an RPM, make sure the RPM is for your specific kernel. Then run the following command:

rpm -Uvh whateverthefilenameis.rpm

If it's source files, I *think* that means re-compiling your kernel, and I know nothing about that. biggrin.gif
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