Hey everyone,

I've tried installing the latest ATI drivers for my Radeon 9000 Pro (built by ATI) and I seem to be having a small problem... whenever I complete the fglrxconfig my X server always hits the same fatal error - "no screens found". For the install, I proceeded to download the appropriate RPM (for XFree86 4.2.0) and install it using the --force attribute to override the conflicting Mesa libGL package. After that, I proceeded to run the fglrxconfig tool and provided it with all of the correct information. Since I couldn't get into X, I was forced to run the X configuration tool and put it back to the defaults. Once I was back in, I ran ATI's control panel and noticed that it can't seem to identify what card I have or anything pertaining to it other than the fact it has 64MBs of DDR. If anyone has any information on what could be wrong here, I'd be greatfull for any help.

Thank you,