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Full Version: Cant Mount Floppy
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ok so i just installed redhat 7.2 on my box and everything is fine but cant mount the floppy. i did a search on here and nothign seems to work.
my floppy disk works fine on the linux box in school so i knwo that not the prob.
it says /dev/fd0 doesnt exsit, and in the mnt dir is listing for my cdrom and ls120.0 which I belive is the floppy but that wont mount. i ran dmesg and its says a few things like ide-floppy driver 0.97 but also ide-floppy: hdd: I/O error, pc = 5a, key = 5 asc = 24 ascq = 0
and floppy0: no floppy controllers found.

now the flopp drive was working fine when windows was on here. now its just linux. when I put the disk in the light comes on so I knwo it has power.

ok so any suggestions?

and Im sorry but Im very new to linux.
thank you.
It's possible that because your drive is an LS-120 drive and not a normal floppy drive then your floppy drive is not /dev/fd0 but instead a different device. If linux was able to detect it during installing then you might want to look in your fstab file. Check to see if there's a line referencing a device that might look like your floppy and see what the /dev/devicename is.

It's also possible that if it is in fstab but it's pointing to /dev/fd0 and so when you do 'mount /mnt/ls120' you get that error then Linux incorrectly configured your system and your fstab needs to point to the proper device (and I have no idea which device is the proper one blink.gif )
well in etc/fstab i see /mnt/ls120.0
also /dev/hda3

can any of these be it? what is LS120.0 anyway?
Can you post the whole line that has the /mnt/ls120.0 in it?

For example, my floppy drive line looks like this:

/dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

That means /mnt/floppy refers to /dev/fd0 when I mount it. So whatever you have in place of fd0 would be the device that it thinks the floppy drive is.

And an LS-120 drive is a technology that was designed to compete with Zip disks.... can read these special 120 MB disks, but also had the added bonus of being able to read floppy drives as well.
yours is
/dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

mine is
/dev/hdd /mnt/lsl120.0 auto noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

ok so is my comp just dumb and is on the wront drive or something?
if i want to read the info on the floppy what do i have to type since you knwo that line now?

and thanks for the help.
Info I got from a quick search on google:

I can't mount an LS-120 disk

the syntax for mounting a windows-formatted (or new) LS-120 disk is

mount -t vfat /dev/hdc /mnt/floppy

Of course, that's if you're mounting an LS-120 DISK in your drive, you'll be mounting a floppy disk I assume. Based on the fact that the author refers to the floppy drive has /dev/hdc and you mentioned you have a /dev/hdd reference, I bet that's it. Try this:

mount -t dos /dev/hdd /mnt/ls120 (or whatever the folder name is)

Info above from here:
Woops, didn't see your post. THe reason why your floppy drive is refered as /dev/hdd is because the drive is NOT connected via the floppy channel. If you open up your computer and look inside you'll see that the LS-120 is an IDE device and is connected to the motherboard the same way your hard drive and CD-ROM are. Floppy drives normally have their own type of connector which is different from IDE, which is why floppy drives don't come up as /dev/hdx.... but your "floppy drive" is actually an ide device. So there's nothing wrong with yoru computer.
ok crap well it works but now it wont egect when I hit the button lol.
i viewd the files on the disk and now Im out of that drive and it wont open when I hit the button.
is there like an "eject" command?
nevermind figured out the man eject lol

thanks alot for your help
For future users (and searches), what was the command line that got your LS-120 to mount a regular floppy?

If you ever get a 120mb LS-120 disk for it, please post if you get it to mount as well.
BTW, before you remove the floppy, you should use the command:

umount /mnt/ls120
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