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Full Version: Dual Displays, Not Working
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First off, this is my first post on the board. Hello all!

Here is my problem, I will try to be as specific as possible. I am running a computer with two monitors, and two video cards. I just installed Mandrake 10 on a seperate partition and have it running Gnome as my X. For some reason, whenever I boot into X it only displays on my second monitor which is hooked up to my PCI video card, not my first one which is on my AGP video card. Has anyone else had this? The interface for configuring video settings in X is not nearly as "user friendly" as the control panel in windows XP. THe AGP card is a Radeon 9600xt, the pci card is a geforce 4 mx.

If you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated! Thank you.

Mike biggrin.gif
The problem is that the Radeon video card is not supported out of the box in XFree 4.3.x (which is now the X Windows System for Mandrake 10)... what version of Mandrake 10 did you use .... (Beta1, Beta2 or RC1).

BTW, Mandrake 10 is not a final release yet .... the latest release from Mandrake is an RC1 (Release Candidate 1). RC2 is due out 2/23/2004 and if all goes well the Community release (basically a final release candidate) out on 2/26/2004 ... then the Mandrake 10 Final release will be out about 3/20/2004. (see this page)

ATI has a Proprietary Linux Driver for the Radeon card ... but I don't know if it works with Mandrake 10. Here is the link to the Driver (the one you want is or 4.3.0). Here are the installation instructions.
Thanks, I was able to get my Radeon card working. Now the other card isn't working in addition to it. Sorry I am new to Linux. How do I get it to enable both cards?
OK ... to make the dual displays work, you just need to have 2 monitor sections, 2 video card sections, 2 screen sections (on for each monitor / card combo) in your /etc/X11/XF86Config file (or XF86Config-4 if it is in the directroy), and call both screens in the server layout section...

see this post and this article.
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