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Full Version: How To Shut Off Telnet And Ssl
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i need to know how to shut off telnet from the command like in ssh and how to shut off ssl. i need ssl port to access my webmin server because that is the one port that i know that is not blocked. i am runing freebsd
I'm not sure what you are asking ... so I'll ask some questions...

Are you talking about turning off telnetd (the daemon that allows users to telnet into a machine) or telnet (the client program that makes connections to other computers)?

Do you want to turn off telnetd (and/or telnet) on your workstation, or on a computer that you are remotely connected to? If you are connected via telnet (from your workstation) to telnetd (on a server), you don't want to turn it off.
If you have sshd running on the server in question, I would not even have telnetd installed (much less turned on). Anyone who sees the packets for your telnet login can read your username and password in clear text ... but ssh (clinet) to sshd(server) passes login information in encrypted form ... so people can't see it.

On to SSL ....

Do you mean how do you make apache not listen for https traffic on the 443 port ... so you can setup webmin to listen on that port?
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