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Full Version: Very Hardcore Question, Nearly Impossible Job
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I was thinking about the possiblities of Linux, and the network. And I thought out something, wich I don't know how to accomplish, but maybe someone can help smile.gif

So, as you know these days mobilephones are everywhere,...I was thinking about installing a computer, a sort of a master command server,and connecting it with a mobile phone and our entire network.

And somehow make commands from dialing in with mobile phone.

Like this

1.Dial number
2.Enter digital code
3.Say command [like for example ma3a terminal1 reboot or ma3a terminal1 status]

I guess I would need some kind of voice recognition software, and some sort of software that can read text and output it in voice. And quiet a few scripts.

I would like to make this master command server once 70+% of my computers are Linux.

Can this thing be accomplished, or am I watching to much STAR-TREK ? smile.gif

Note: Voice recognition and voice playback is not a musthave, but it's my goal.

Robert B
ya its pretty easy if you dont want the voice recognition stuff....


i use this for different things...but of course you need a wap enabled phone or even pda with browser
Any howto's for this?

Robert B
You could also look at Kannel (

Using a GSM Modem (or Nokia 6210) with the (not real) telephone number of +447700 900000 you could text

linux ma3a terminal1 reboot
to +447700 900000

Kannel would recognise the linux bit and call a script, with the other three valuse as parametes and the script could do the job.

You can also get Kannel to send smses - i.e. if you have UPS and terminal1 loses power, if your UPS software can call scripts you could get a text message saying "TERMINAL1 Power Cut - shutting down" (obviously the GSM modem would need to be on the UPS!)

This assumes you are on a network with GSM SMSesing! If your mainly inbound a PrePay phone is ideal for that sort of thing here in the UK - just get it to send a monthly text to keep the account alive.

You could then store the most common messages as templates on your mobile. smile.gif

We use this for field staff to log in and out of work, and send SMSes with their job numbers in. smile.gif

The first word allows kannel to call different scripts so
TV BBC_ONE_EAST_MIDS 1830 1900 today record
could call another script which gets your linux tv card to record BBC East Midlands today -assuming it's possible to control them from the command line.
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