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Full Version: Mail Server Advice Needed
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I'm planing on doing a mailserver with linux [now we use MDaemon], and I've got a few question.

INFO : I will be getting 10 public IP adresses for free smile.gif

1.How safe is it to put the Mailserver to a public IP adress?
[Note : our company has workers in Belgrade, and they will be connecting to us through the internet, to send/recieve e-mail]
2.What Mail server do you recommend? what is the greates of them all?
3.What kind of computer do we need ?
[Note : I was thinking of a AMDXP2000+ Nforce2 2GB DDR 333Mhz, 120GB, Geforce4MX440... I wouldn't like to switch computers every month, or worry about the thing, that the system may become overloaded, this should be enough for a few clients right?]
4.What commercial mailscanner do you reccomend? some that can discover and disinfect or delete modern viruses, and that is updated on a regular basis, and got spamm blocker bundled ?
5.Is there a good how to, wich you reccomend? [one that is not to hard to understand]
6.I've got three companies in our wireless WAN, they all need seperate e-mail domains[? example :,,] , can this be done with one computer?, is it good to do this with only one computer?
5.1* a how to that is about security would also be great, so that I would know, what ports to let open, and what ports to set closed.

ps. : if you got any other advices, please write them down to, I wan't to be sure that I don't mess this up with the e-mail server, since it will be the fall of me if I do.
Robert B
i would recommend
sendmail although i havent tried out postfix yet...but to each his own
spamassassin for spam filtering
some virus scanner software for linux, i use f-prot
and mailscanner which incorporates the use of spamassassin and f-prot

this would make a good combination
I personally would recommend a WhiteBox Enterprise Linux install on that machine ... WBEL is basically a rebuild of the RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 Advanced Server SRPMS .... You would need to use yum to do the updates on that machine [you don't want to replace the system files with non enterprise files]... see my discussion about WhiteBox in this thread.

All the RedHat Enterprise Linux docs are applicable ... Specifically this Reference Guide contains information about e-mail setup.

Here are the RHEL Docs.

I would use either sendmail or postfix as the MTA .... the instructions on how to setup are pretty good.
If you want, you can install a good IPTABLES firewall script on the e-mail server and set the machine outside

... OR better yet would be a product like IPCOP as a firewall. It allows you to have a DMZ (Orange card) to put your internet servers in ... while totally blocking incoming traffic to you workstations. IPCOP requires 3 NICs (outside, DMZ, inside). The NICs need to be fast, but the machine doesn't have to be that great for the IPCOP firewall...
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