I have 4 serial comport on my motherboard, Com1 to Com4. Under DOS, their base address and IRQ are 0x3f8, IRQ4 for COM1; 0x2f8, IRQ3 for COM2; 0x608, IRQ9 for COM3; and 0x618, IRQ10 for COM4. However, in RedHat9.0, when I type "setserial -g /dev/ttyS3" (for COM4), it reported unknown UART, wrong Port address(0x2e8), and wrong IRQ(IRQ3). I tried to re-configure the COM port with "setserial" command but when I re-boot, those configuration that I have set are gone and the wrong setting are reported again. Will appreciate if anyone out there can show me how to correct the setting for my COM port in Redhat Linux 9.0. Thank you very much.