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Full Version: New Linux Install
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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on this board but not my first time visiting. I have been interested in Linux for a while and finally decided to put it onto my Home Machine. I was thinking about loading it onto my laptop, but I am afraid of having driver issues.

I currently have a Athlon XP 2200+ Machine with 512 PC2700 Ram Running Windows 2000 (fully updated).

My Question for you all, is if I should reformat the whole Drive {Win2k and All} in order to Install Mandrake 9.2 onto the machine, or can I leave it as is and Dual Boot the machine. Currently I have one Windows Partition taking up the whole Hard Drive.

Sorry if these questions seems relatively simplistic, but I just want to make sure "I" know exactly what I am doing when Installing Linux so I can have the best experience possible working with it for the first time.

Thanks alot in advance for any replies to this post.
The reformat is you're choice, but you will lose all data [since you've got only one BIG partition]. You cannot use Linux and Windows on one partition, since they use totaly differenc file system , Windows uses FAT32 or NTFS, while Linux uses ext2,ext3... . If you wan't to dualboot, I would recomend that you get Powerquest Partition Magic , and split you're drive into 2 partitions, and install Linux on the next one.

Robert B
Thanks for the Quick Reply.

I actually have all of my Desktop Info Backed up to my Laptop already, just in case something was to happen during the install.

From what you said in your post, If I re-installed Win2K and actually Created 2 Partitions, Lets Say 30g and 10g I could then Successfully install Win2K on the 30g Partition and Then Install Mandrake on the 10g unformatted partition?

Would This 10g partition automatically be formatted for use with the Linux OS?

Yes ... create a 30gb partiton for windows, leave the 10gb as free space (no partition) and you can install mandrake into the free space.
Thanks Fellas biggrin.gif
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