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Full Version: Debian Sarge
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I have been trying out Red Hat, White Box, Fedora, and Mandrake for some months now and would like to install Debian. I have read posts here about Sarge and would like to install it. I only have dial up internet so downloading the 100MB installer for Sarge is not an option. Is Sarge on the Debian 3.0r2 discs that I can order from various places, or do I have to use the 100MB Sarge Installer that Hughesjr linked to? Thanks for any help......
You can also download just the boot floppy image, the root floppy image, and the network drivers floppy ... then download all other items via an ftp or http install...but that would take longer than the ISO install ... (you will have to download several items via the web even after the base install from the installer... like X-Windows, Gnome/KDE, OpenOffice, etc...but the base installer (that is 100mb) has compressed files that expand to about 300mb ... a GUI workstation install is close to 2.0G). There are no Debian Sarge install disks right now (except the 100mb installer)

Sarge is not on the 3.0r2 (Woody) install discs ... the standard way to get sarge (other than the installer) is to install woody and then edit your /etc/apt/sources.list and change all references of stable (ie woody) to testing (ie sarge) then download all sarge packages using dselect or apt-get ... which actually takes longer than the sarge installer install.
Thanks for the reply. I guess that I am going to have to get someone that has broadband do some disc burning for me. I think that the day I break down and get a satellite internet connection (my only option) keeps getting closer.Thanks again.........
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