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Full Version: Redhat 9 Rpm Packages
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hi guys & gals

im trying to install a minimum redhat 9 and then add apache, postfix, imap, samba and xinetd.
but during install of samba-common and samba-client the RPM tells me failed dependency. is required.
does anyone know where it lives or the rpm command to query the packages, that may contain it ????
i seem to have trouble with package management alot is their a good tutorial anywhere ?
I don't like the default redhat rpm package management ... it doesn't do dependancies (as you found out).

There are 2 very good systems (yum and apt) ... you can get either from this page ... I like apt better

if you want to install apt (for RH9) download the top file here ... and install via the command:

rpm -Uvh apt-0.5.5cnc6-fr1.i386.rpm

Then use the command:

apt-get update


apt-get install samba-common samba-client

you can use the command :

apt-cache search package

to find out info about packages

when you are all done installing, use the command:

apt-get dist-upgrade

to install all upgrades and security patches .. and every couple days, do :

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

to stay updated...
if you use up2date at the command line with the --install option
it will install the package you want along with any dependencies needed. This is how i install my packages i need so i dont have to go hunting through my 3 cd disk set for the rpm packages i need

for example if i wanted to install samba and samba-client
using the following at a command line:

up2date --install samba samba-client

it would install the samba and samba-client package and fix
the problem by installing the appropriate package..

plus another advantage to this installs the latest version of the package, so you wont have to let say install the package from your cd then have to go back and check for updates to see if any are available through the up2date command

i dont know if many people knew about the --install up2date option
but i find it works i said before this is how i always install packages that i want on a running RH system..i have never had a need for my cds plus i never had any dep problems yet and have been doing this for 1 year now already
Yes ... if you have an rhn account for your install, you can use that method to do installs as well.

Back when RedHat Network allowed you to have one demo account and assign it to different machines, I used up2date to do all my installs as well. Now though, the RHN ties your demo account to one mahcine ... and you must delete that profile to free up the demo account for another machine.

If you have more than one machine to update, the up2date method is not very convienient. So now I use apt for my updates on RedHat machines.

You can also use the command:

up2date --whatprovides software or library

and it will tell you which packages provide that dependantcy.
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