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Full Version: My Linux Woes
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Okay I can't get linux onto my second harddrive, thats the problem, now heres the info I have gathered through the MANY attepmts.

Slackware- It reads the CD I press enter and I get this error,"kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel" I have tried diffrent variations at the start and get the enevitable error.

mandrake- It also read the CD, then the error,"Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 01:03" I have tried typing linux mem=120M but to not avail.

Debian-it works It begins installing, it picks everything up, Joy!, but then when it goes to install the kernel I get an error telling me I am missing rescue.bin file, but if I run the CD in windows the file is infact on there.

Red hat- It tells me to insert the CD I do the loop continues.

Slax- I get a CRC error I think it was a <6>

College linux- Read slax.

My computer specs are as followed:
AMD duron 1200
Raedon 7500
Aopen CD-RW
Generic DVD-RW 4xmax
maxtor 2b02H1
maxtor 6Y080L0

I have the program patition magic I have my smaller hardrive as a ext2 for the linux, any one have any suggestions on something to try or do?
When you say the file is intact on the CD in Windows do you mean to say that you see the file AND you copied the file to your HD with no problems? If all you did was see the file on the disk and didn't try to copy it, then you could have a CRC problem.

Seeing as how you're having so many problems with so many CDs, it sounds like either

A) You are unable to download the ISOs correctly (have you used the MD5 checksums to verify a complete download?)


cool.gif Your CD-Burner is having physical problems and is burning the ISO's incorrectly. Can you burn other CDs ok? Can you find a spare CD-burner to burn from and also try installing it on the machine you're installing linux on and try to have it install off of that drive.
The CDs don't work on the other computer either, what could be wrong with my CD-RW drive? the DVD-RW dosn't even do an .iso at all, thats FUBAR.
What do you mean it doesn't do an iso? The ability to burn an iso is a software support thing. If your DVD-RW burner can also burn CD-Rs, then you should have no problem burning an iso file to CD.
Look at these:

How to Burn ISOs
Verifying ISO Images

Specifically, use an md5sum program (see the Verifying ISO Images link) to check your ISO and make sure it is good. Most places you download ISOs also list it's md5 sum value....
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