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Full Version: Can't Access Webserver Outside Of Lan
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cagey cretin
"Recent Problem (used to work) FTP is Fine" is what I meant to say in the description (the field size limited the line length).

I had a month of http accessible from the outside the LAN. No idea what changed or why, but I can no longer access the httpd server (apache 2 on Redhat 9) from outside the LAN.

The httpd server is running, because when I type in the address into a browser from inside the LAN, it finds the domains (several). LAN connected to net w cable modem. When I disable the NIC on a pc inside the LAN and dial up to internet, I cannot access the http Daemon (although, I can still access the ftp server running on same machine). The router the LAN is behind is configured to forward http & ftp requests to the server.

I have to believe that I changed something in the httpd.conf file, but since I can access the websites from behind the LAN (same as server), I am clueless...

Any thoughts?


Just a long shot: is it possible your ISP has blocked that port? I don't know about your router, but with my router I can access a computer internally on my lan through the external interface..... so I can do http://<external IP address of router given by cable modem>:<server port>/whatever.html and it forwards the request to whatever IP address I had it set to forward to. Note that this isn't the internal network IP for the router, but the EXTERNAL IP which it recieves from the cable/dsl modem.

If that works, then the data seems to be able to get through your router. If it doesn't work, then it could be a misconfig by your router. So then try the IP address of your cable/dsl modem or whatever the gateway to the internet is. So same as above, except the modem's IP. If that doesn't work, then your ISP is blocking the port at the modem level. If it does work, then your ISP may be blocking that port at a higher level.

Also, maybe check to see if http is only servicing local lan IPs?
It could be the ISP blocking port 80 in ...

it could also be iptables ... are you using iptables (you should be!) ... check that port 80 in is open...
cagey cretin
QUOTE (hughesjr @ Feb 13 2004, 06:19 PM)
It could be the ISP blocking port 80 in ...

it could also be iptables ... are you using iptables (you should be!) ... check that port 80 in is open...

That was it, sure enough. I had just moved over to a new ISP two months ago. They advertised that the service I bought was perfect for hosting websites. And it was (for seven + weeks). Until they blocked port 80 a few days ago, it was great.

Them: "Whoops...We shouldn't have left it open. The service is good, but you have to also buy a static IP."

Me: "Ouch; okay" biggrin.gif

Heh heh heh...I re-built my Redhat box (and my back up redhat machine), thinking I had done something...Man, that was a lotta work over the last two days! biggrin.gif

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