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Full Version: I Need Some Help Please!
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Hello everybody!!!

I decided to use Linux for the first time but my problem is that I know nothing about them!

Could u plz tell what I need?

It seems stupid but the only thing I know is that I must use Red Hat...So, I don't know about what kind of programs I will need like for exmple smthi similar to office or winamp or media player!

Could u tell some basic ones that I ll need?

Am I gonna be able to burn cds?

Please help me!!!

The first thing you need to do is obtain a distrubution of linux for install ...

Since RedHat is going to stop support for RedHat Linux 9 in April, I would recommend that you use something else instead ... probably Mandrake 9.2 (or Fedora Core 1).

You can obtain each of these as ISOs from our download page : .... mandrake 9.2 should be the easiest to download, burn and install ... You could use RedHat 9, or Fedora Core 1 as well.

Once you download the 3 iso files, you must burn the images to CD and then do the install:

See how to verify the ISO images, see these instructions on how to burn ISOs, and this ISO FAQ ...

Once linux is installed, you can use cdrecord to burn CDs, xmms, totem or mplayer to listen to MP3's, mplayer, gstream or totem to watch video, as an MS Office replacement, etc.
oh thank you very much u r very helpfull!!


I now can proceed into Linux World!!! biggrin.gif
Note that I need the PC mainly to use it for burning cds basically and music and movies!!!

So what will be the basic progs to make it work?

Ok until now the programs that I downloaded (just wondering if i need any serials or cracks for them like in windows):

1-Linux Red Had 9 Std edition(ny ideas where to get the pro?)

2-Kernel 2.6.1

3-Suse Linux Wine Rack

4-Suse 9.0 Pro

5-Arch Linux 0.5

6-Mandrake Linux 9.1

7-Knoppix std 0.1.6

8-Word perfect 8

9-WineX 3.2-1

10-Mozilla Firefox 0.8

11-Adobe reader 6.01

12-Ircop firewall



15-mplayer v1 oprei source

Now could u plz tll if i need something else or if i don't need something of the above?
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