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Full Version: Samba Networking Problem
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I hope that this hasn't been asked before, if it has sorry but I really need help with this. I have two computers, one running win2k pro and the other running mandrake 8.2 with samba 2.2.3 installed. Both computers are connected to a D-Link DI-604 router. I tried to ping the Linux machine from the Windows machine which works, but when I try to ping the Windows machine from the Linux machine it doesn't, I guess that could be the first of my root of my problems. Also, whenever I try to click on "Local Network" i get an error message that says "Could not connect to host localhost". I also read that if you try to enter smb://{computer name} that would work but when I try it I get "Could not connect to host {computer name}. I went through a tutorial that seemed easy enough but nothing seems to work. My smb.conf file looks like this:

#Global Parameters

workgroup name = home
netbios name = Samba
encrypt passwords = yes

read only = no
browseable = yes

path = root/data/mp3
browseable = yes
write list = {users}

path = /root/data/apps
browseable = yes
valid users = @admins, root

Also under the control center the configuration is:
Internet access
Type: lan
Gateway: none..........i think this might have to be the address of my router but I have no Idea what ip address to use the actuall adress of the router [] or Default Gateway which is []. Also in my router settings you can set up a Local Domain Name, it says that it is optional but I was wondering if I could put something there to make it work, i put "samba" in there, which is the same as the Hostname under the Mandrake control center
the Network and Internet Configuration is LAN Connection - ethernet card detected, Automatic IP (boot/dhcp) and to Start at boot, Hostname: samba(???)
I was also told that I would need to configure LISa also but haven't had any luck with that either. I know this is kind of long and i probably included information that I don't need to but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
It sounds to me as if you have a IP problem, if you can not ping in both directions, this is the first thing to work on. Here is a link to some very good SAMBA documantation. Look at chapter 12. It has a fault tree in it, and will walk you through the problem determination.

There is also a very good setup chapter for various windoze flavours, if you need any guidance there.
1. First make sure you test with no firewall, if your firewall is up you could be blocking ICMP pings.
2. Double check your subnet mask, it should be the same on both pcs. Your IP's have to be in the same class..
3. If things continue ugly try using ethereal to see the packets whilst your pinging, it can be very helpfull. I once changed the MAC on one of the NICS to and only figured that out got the network up again after looking it through with ethereal.

And yes, number 1 priority get them pinging, no use messing around with hostnames or .conf's untill you can ping the neighbour!

good luck
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