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Full Version: Linux Newbie: Knoppix Boot + Program On Floppy
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Hi all, could you help out a Linux newbie here? biggrin.gif

I'm trying to run a small distributed computing program on a computer without a hard drive, using a Knoppix live CD. The program to run will hopefully be stored on a floppy disk. I know that the program will run under Knoppix as other users have done this.

Here's the small catch: this computer has 32MB of RAM, so I am stuck using the terminal, instead of KDE or Gnome tongue.gif

Here are my questions:

1. How should I format the floppy? Can I download the program (located here) on a Windows machine, and copy it to a DOS/Windows-formatted floppy? I assume I'd have to "jump through some hoops" to read a FAT-formatted disk natively under Linux?

2. What commands should I keep in mind here? I've looked through the newbie guide you have here (great resource biggrin.gif), so I know how to mount the floppy drive:

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

then do I cd into /mnt/floppy?

Thanks for any help/suggestions!
Actually, knoppix makes things quite easy for the end user. Assuming you already know how to boot into knoppix without the X-interface (Check the F2 help section on cd boot).

Linux reads and writes to FAT formatted disks just fine without any issues. Knoppix does a nice thing and already sets up your fstab file (the file that stores what filesystems get mounted where with what type of filesystem it is), so, if you wanted to mount your floppy disk after bootup, you would just issue the command:

$ mount /mnt/floppy

That's it, using the fstab file (/etc/fstab), the mount program will know where to find the floppy device, and will mount it fine.

Don't forget to "umount /mnt/floppy" to ensure all your data stays intact on the floppy.
Thanks for the tips, I got it working!
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