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Full Version: Debian Iso
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I am looking to install Debian an noticed that there are alot of ISO's (6 I think). Do I need all of these? I read somewhere that I only need the 1st three, does any know if that is true?

Anyone have any tips about Debian? Should I bother installing Woody or should I go straight for Sid?
You only need the first install CD .... if you use the woody install ... (if you go this route, type bf24 at the install prompt)...go through the install, edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list and change all the stable keywords to either testing for sarge ... or unstable for sid. (I use both ... but sarge packages are tested (via the sid branch) before they are added to sarge.

But, instead of using the woody install, I would use the beta2 sarge installer (walk-thru, installer... and sarge (testing) is a good install to use. It will soon become the stable branch and it is fairly up to date.

I would also recommend the userlinux package install on top of the base sarge install (before adding anything other than the base install ... don't do dselect or tasksel) ... it is much easier than adding all the packages individually.
Yeah, the best thing about debian (and a few other distros), is that you can install it without a very minimal install disc. Do a search on for 'netinst'. The download is less then 100 MB, which will install everything you need to get the base system up and running. After that, the installer will set you up to install the rest of your system from ftp. I love it.

It's a shame that more distributions don't offer this type of install. Even SuSE offers it, and they're commercial and charge money for their distribution.
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