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Full Version: Problem With Noise On Center Channel
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I recently posted a topic regarding my mouse I have resolved this issue by using generic vesa video drivers instead of the generic nvidea drivers. It seems to work perfectly now except I haven't tried any 3d apps yet.

I do now have another problem. I have the creative inspire speakers system on my creative soundblaster live. When I use x player to play and as a matter of fact always there is a hiss on all my speakers that is not present when I boot into windows. There is also a buzzing type annoying noise on the center channel which annoys me to say the least. This is not present in windows either.

Is there any linux drivers available for creative live sound card that would be more compatible? Or maybe a setting that I can change?

I also noticed that all the volume controls is not present. The modem audio channel is not available to mute. I suspect that to be the cause of the hiss but not of the buzz.

Anyone had this problem before?
I don't have 5.1 (or better) speakers for my computer ... (I have creative 2 creative speakers and a subwoofer).

I have no experience using these tools ... and I don't know if they will work ... but, here is a link to the emu10k1 driver tools:

If you untar the file emu-tools-0.9.4.tar.gz in the docs section there is a file called I already said, I haven't tried this because I don't have any 5.1 speakers.

The noise dissapeared after I reboot and the modem audio channel was available to mute.

It was that modem channel I don't know why it didn't show up initially.

But thank you again for considering my problem.

I donwnload the the tarball and It will be useful because I do not have full control of all the channels
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