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Full Version: Configuring Dual Os Boot From Xp
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Hello, I am a total n00b to Linux and have run into a problem. I have both XP and Linux on drive C:. The MBR is at at the beggining of 1 with XP, and the Linux /boot is on 5. When I realized the disto I have (cAos) didn't come with LILO and that I was locked out of XP (which I needed to go back to so I could look up Linux docs to configure X Windows) I went into the XP recovery console and reset the MBR. Now I don't have a way back into Linux, so I was wondering what I would have to type into the boot.ini file to add Linux as a boot option. Thanks for any help!
It probably did/do have grub (I like it better than LILO, so I wouldn't change), which you could configure to point to Windows XP ... but now that you have already redone the MBR, the easiest thing to do is probably download the program bootpart:

Here are instructions how to use boot part.

BUT, you will also probably need to reconfigure your Linux install to boot from it's own partition vice mbr.

I would download the SystemRescueCD, boot to it, make a directroy to mount cAos into:

mkdir /mnt/caos

mount the cAos / partiton to /mnt/caos:

mount /dev/hdxx /mnt/caos (substitute your / partition drive for hdxx)

mount the boot partition into caos:

mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/caos/boot

change the root to the caos partition:

chroot /mnt/caos /bin/bash

go to the grub directory (if you use grub)...

cd /boot/grub

fix grub to boot from the boot partition and not MBR ...


(now you should be at the grub prompt)
if the boot partiton is /dev/hda5 issue these commands (from within grub) press enter after each:

root (hd0,4)

setup (hd0,4)


now you should be able to reboot to the hard drive ... and if you have setup bootpart to include cAos in the boot.ini file, you should be able to boot to either WinXP or cAos.
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