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Full Version: Mandrake9.2 Newbie
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Hello everybody! I'm a NEWBIE!!! biggrin.gif in any case I am having a very difficult time installing a irc client and even an email client in other words "Thank God that mandrake was able to recognise my internet connection or I wouldnt even be here" I know that everytime I download and programs that I have to untar and then go to the README files and follow instructions but I always get an error of some sort sad.gif

so anyway if anybody can help me I would greatly appreciate it

Thanks in advance
You are going to have to be more specific than that? What sort of errors are you getting? How are you installing programs? What sort of programs. Things like that, or there isn't a whole lot we can do to help you.
Im trying to install X-chat and Im downloading the source file when I got to the console to untar I get a "no such file" error and thats it Im stuck there I dont know what to do.

I also need to know how do I listen to a cd ( music ) not mp3's but info on mp3's would be helpful also
First off if you are using Mandrake and KDE there should be a program called KsCD under Multimedia->Sound for you to listen to CDs. MP3s will play through Totem, but its not the greatest program for managing large playlists of music.

With XChat are you sure you are in the directory where you downloaded the tar file to. And are you sure you are typing it in right? Remember its case sensitive so file is not the same as File. Also, exactly what extension are you using after the tar command? Are you just doing a standard -xf or are you doing something else?

In general with these forums, the more information you give the better chance you have of your question being answered right away and not going back and forth.
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