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Full Version: Kernel Is Too Big
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I am trying to recompile a v2.6 kernel on Slackware 8.1. I think I am doing the correct procedure but keep receiving an error message "kernel is too big".

The procedure I am following is the following

1) I have unpacked the 2.6 kernel to /usr/src
2) I execute 'Make dep'
3) I execute "make clean'
4) then 'xconfig', I have enabled as many things as possible to be loaded as modules
5) I then run make bzImage
6) Then 'make modules'
7) Followed by 'make modules_install"

so far so good, I know have an executable file called "vmlinux", I copy this to /boot, then execute /sbin/lilo -v whereupon I am told that the file is too big (it's 2.7mb).

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

ok, so I fear i was using the wrong file, should have been using the one in ../arch/i386/boot
and you should use the file vmlinuz not vmlinux ....
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