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Full Version: Having Problem To Connect To Internet In Slackware
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hello all of you!!!

before a two monthes ago I installed linux mandrake 9.2 and it was fine all work just fine but I have heared that from slackware you learn more than from mandrake about the commands and linux in generaly .

so a week ago I installed linux slackware 9.1(after a two days war and it costs me on my mandrake)

and I love it, I learned alot only from installing it !!!

but I am trying to connect to the internet already a week I tyried everything i don't know what should I do I am using a dsl modem/router eci B-FOCuS Router 270pr.
and i don't want to go back to mandrake from two resones :
I will not be betten by a machin I am very staberd.
and after I sew slackware there is no way i am coming back to the poor and laozy mandrake.

I have ppp packeg installed and rp-pppoe and pptp installed to .
when I try to write ppp-go it says there is a problem with the scirpt so I went to the scirpt pppsetup.txt in directory /etc/ppp/ i sew that it says that it doesn't found ppp in the kerenl or in the modules how can I add it to the kernel or to the modules ? mabay this is the problem?

I tried adsl-setup adsl-start and it cant even start it what can I do ??

thanks for your time!!
Doesn't matter what distro you use, you learn by how much efforts you put intot it. I can tweak Xp to the max. Less than 1% of the users use regedit.

Underneath all distros are the same. Same kernel. Same X.

You're on router connected to DSL. Why are you setting up ppp and rp-pppoe? Your box is the same as most offices'. You don't need them to go online. The installer DID offer you choices to set up network or modem. You should have no problems if you did a proper install.
With most Routers, the PPPOE is handled by the router and does not require rp-pppoe on the PC ... but, your router is an combo Router and ADSL modem ... and when I went to the website, I saw no online manual for download.

Since you connect the PC to the ethernet port, does it have an IP address when you boot up? (use ifconfig command) ... I would think you don't need to use anything other than DHCP to get an IP, then maybe use your web browser to setup the B-FOCuS Router 270pr ... but like I said, I'm not sure because I didn't see a user manual on line.
thanks for the help!!

my modem is still not configure as a router!

what ip should I write in my linux browser to start configure my modem as a router???

how do I know what is my DHCP server ??

thanks for your time !!!!
Try using as the IP address for your router, the few routers I have had experience with used either this or if I remember correctly (but I might be wrong about that one).

I dont know what you mean by what is your dhcp server... your router should be your dhcp server (it assigns the computers on your network their internal IP addresses)
Do you mean what is the address assigned to you? it will prob be in a sub menu on the routers config screen
hughesjr,, .... all are potential IPs for router setup .... and so is

If you set your network card for DHCP and you get an address (do the command ifconfig) ... then whatever IP you get ... try that network with .1 ... (ie, if your ip address is, then try, etc.)
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