I have currently installed mandrake 9. I like it and itís great. I especially like the internet connection sharing utility. There is one draw back though. When installing mandrake 9 the computer like halts for a few seconds when writing to the hard and everything goes extremely slow. After I had mandrake installed it did the same thing when it wrote to the hard drive. I have a Pentium 4 2.66 GHz processor with 512 mb of 3200 ddr ram. I have a western digital 100 gig hard drive and a western digital 30 gig hard drive (this one has mandrake on it). I installed redhat 8 to see if it would have the same problem and it didnít't. It worked fine. I like the internet connection sharing utility that comes with mandrake so please tell me whatís going wrong here and if you have any clues how to fix it. Thank you