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Full Version: X Still Running
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Sorry if this seems stupid, but I am very new to Linux. I have gone to the command line to install video drivers to get them updated. first the computer is not connected to anything except for power. second, I get to the command line by pressing ctrl-alt-f1 instead of logging into RH9. I then log on through the command line and log "su -". when I try to install the driver (nvidia's), it says X is running and I have to kill it first. I went ps -aux to try to find X but there are more than what a screen will hold and cant find X. is there a way to get only one screens worth to display at a time? Or maybe an easier way of killing X. Maybe a way to get to the command line before X starts even. Thanks for your help.
When you're in the terminal, type the following:

ps -aux | less


ps -aux | more

That " | " is called a "pipe" (commonly found on your backslash key), and it redirects all output that would go in this case to the screen into what's after it. "less" and "more" are just ways to view more than one screen of data in single-screen size spoonfuls. (If it says "less not found" or "more not found" or any of that, make sure that those two programs are installed) I would recommend "less", because it allows you to scroll up and down the data, where more doesn't. (As my first linux book taught me, "less is more than more"). Google for pipes, more and less.

Hope that helps.
When you boot into linux, in lilo or grub theres a place to put a command into booting use the init 3 command, and it shouldnt load x. Thats what I had to do to install nvidias drivers on my other puter
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