I'm having problems getting my external serial modem to connect to my dial-up internet service. I'm new to Linux. I got rid of the winmodem that was in the computer I converted to Mandrake 9.2. I bought an external serial modem used from ebay: US Robitics Sportster 56K (00178602). I connected it, powered it up (lights came on) and tried to connect using KPPP. At first it would just say "Initializing modem" and get stuck on that. I tried going into Set-up>modem>Query modem. It says it works fine (though the when it displays ATi1, ATi2, etc., the blanks are all empty. Are they supposed to say something?) So, since it was having a problem in the initialization stage I opened up Modem Commands and started messing with those. I tried some different initialization commands, but nothing changed until I tried connecting with nothing in the initialization field. Then it moved past that step and got stuck on 'set modem volume.' So I took out all the commands for that. Then I tried connecting again and it gets past initialization, it gets past setting the volume and the dial-tone comes on over the modem speaker. The KPPP window says "dialing 6700005" but I never hear the number get dialed. I just hear the dial tone for a few minutes until the phone company plays an error message. I tried messing with the dial string, but I can't get anything to happen. I even tried opening the terminal to experiment with some modem commands, but I can't type anything it the terminal window. I can hear the dial tone and I try to type, but nothing shows up. I had read that modems that are flash upgraded to v.92 don't work well with Linux, so I contacted the ebay seller and he said he never upgraded it. I don't know how to check that and I wouldn't know how to flash it back to v.90 if I needed to. Thanks in advance for any help.