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Full Version: Linux On A Laptop?
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I was trying last night to install linux 8.2 pro on my laptop. ( Sony Vaio PCG-FRV31 )

It boots to the welcom screen, Then goes to its boot loader screen. It has three different choices on how to install, or to repair instalation, or boot normally. I have tried both install and safe install, and it starts to load linux. From what I can see it finds everything important, wireless usb mouse, external usb hard drive... But then the screen clears, and it just sits there. I can type stuff and it registers on the screen, but the computer does nothing. Does anyone have any idea what my cause the console screen to just clear like that and freeze the loading of the kernel, but not lock up the computer?

Thank you in advance
You said you are using linux 8.2. What distro? Have you gone to your distor's web site and checked the hardware compatibility? Your problem may be the video hardware (or some other critical component) in the Sony may not be supported at that release. Check out hardware commpatibility before you try and 'fix' the install.
Linux is pretty friendly with any hardware as long as you have the right drivers. To say that linux is does not support your hardware is sortof wrong, it may not have built in hardware suppport, but it can be made to suport it. I have seen linux on a couple of Sony Vio lap tops so I am sure it can be done.

Just a couple things, what distro of Linux are you running, and what are the last few lines before your screen goes black?
On initial bootup, SuSE 8.2 does a hardware scan for everything. One of the things it scans for is for a braille display. Sometimes this scan can choke some computers, and for others, it just takes a really long time to load up.

How long have you left it to boot?
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