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I can't seem to get the packages off the CD. when it goes to move them, after i get the box abot he intsall log, it says "Mount faild: invaild argument" then the intaslltion wont continue,
can some one please help me?
I need more info. What distro are you trying to install? How are you trying to install it? To what? Where did you get the iso images? Thats sort of information.
the distro is is red hat 5.1, it's on a CD i got from the linux book.
I made a new paration in disk druid, the root was / . after that I rry to continue, it askes to select the packasges i want to install, then when i do it syasy it will mae a log file /tmp/install.log. then I hit ok, adn it says
"mount failed: invalid argument"

then itwont continue,

is there anythgin else you need to know?
Look at the different consoles and see if there are any error messages. Press alt-f2, alt-f3 and alt-f4.

This is a very very old version of RH using a very very old kernel. Can you provide a description of the hardware your trying to install it on? You will have better luck using a more recent version.
I'm tryign to install it on an old 133. I justwanna play around with it on my spare computer before i start useing it more.
I tried to install redhat 5.1 on a pentium 200 mmx box a couple months ago to provide help for someone else...I had nothing but problems.

I would also recommend version RH 7.3 for testing.
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