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Ok, my question to all of you is I am brand new at trying out linux, here, I currently do not have anything installed with linux at all, As far as I am concerned I downloaded A few differnt versions of linus via their Iso's what do I do with them when I've downloaded them, to get them to actually boot up and install as if they were cd's bought? I am completely lost at this whole Iso thing (been windows user for way too long) and have no Idea what I am trying to do to get cd's burned to install linux of any sort!!! If someone can tell me how to get these iso's into bootable cd's I would apreciate it, also to help out I am running xp and tried using differnt methods of burning the cd's but to no avail i only made about 15 coasters yet at this point. And keep getting my stress levels up !!!! mad.gif
Here is an FAQ on linux ISOs.

Here are some instructions on how to make sure the ISO file downloaded correctly before you burn it.

Here is a How-to on burning ISO's... you choose the software you are burning with (nero, EasyCD, CDrWin, WinOnCD, etc.) and it has instructions. The instructions need one update ... the Burn Image command for Nero 6 is under the Recorder menu option not the File menu option.
Ok, I am trying out the nero items and still seem to be making coasters with it, I have been through those web sites already, but somehow it isn't working yet I tried those exact settings stated with nero with no avail, I am using version of nero any suggestions Available to somehow get these iso's to burn correct into the cd form? Ps, I am trying to install either fedora, or Icepack Linux (preferred) dry.gif
So you burn the CD, than put it in, reboot and nothing happens?

A few things to double check,
One: is the CD drive before your hard drive in your boot order? It should be by defualt, but you can double check that in your BIOS if you are not sure.

Two: you aren't getting any errors durring the burn process?

Three: Are the iso images intack. You can check that with an md5sum check. Read this thread for more information on that
Downloading an ISO Image

Four: May I ask what is drawing you to icepack? It isn't one of the more standard distros. I would stay away from fedora as a newbie because thats geared twords developers and alot of times things are released for fedora that aren't stable yet. But I am not going to tell you not to run icepack if you want to.

Other than those things I am suprised that you are having trouble, I have never had issues with any of the iso images I burn for any program.
What I do is just cancel out of any wizards that pop up ... select File - Burn Image.

Pick the ISO file I want to burn and accept the defaults....
well i found a version of redhat 6.0, We had bought a few years ago i am installing that as we speak, then once I get to learn a lil bit more I will Just have to play around with a few other versions smile.gif ( I'm always willing to lean new stuff) Tried the part with nero exactly as It showed on the web pages, checked the md5sums of everything and still had no avail of not making atleast 3 coasters once again, but oh well I will play around with them, and see what I come up with , who knows maybe i'll get it at some point here, otherwise just dealing with trying my best to install redhat easier LOL tongue.gif other than that happy valentines day to everyone wub.gif
Maybe the CDROM on the PC is having trouble reading burned disks. I have seen that many times.
Yes ... some CDROMS do have problems ... try reading them on another CDROM drive.
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