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Full Version: Newbie Needs Help With Installation Error
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Help! I am trying to install icepack linux version 2.75. It initial install starts off well, but as the program goes through equipment detection, it always ends with "Fatal Error: Screens Not Found" then ejects the CD, and has me reboot the system. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I have checksummed all of the ISO files prior to burning, and they passed with flying colors. The contents of the burned CD's are intact...the PC has no problem reading, that fatal error seems to be my primary problem.

Thank you for any and all help!
I have never installed this distro before ... although it looks pretty good.

The forum for the icepack-linux]icepack-linux site (icepackers user forum) is down ... and based on that, I wouldn't use this distro. You might try an email to:

The problem seems to be that the system can't detect a good graphics screen / Monitor combo. Since he says his distro is unique, and doesn't include any on-line documentation I can find, I can't give advise on the install itself.

(I started a download of the first 2 disks, but from my location it will take 10 hours to get the files ... so I stopped)

If you have a newer NVIDIA or ATI video card, that might be the problem. (Depending on the version of XFree86 used, there may not be drivers for the NVIDIA FX 5200 and above or for Radeon 9700 or above).

If you have an older video card, you might put that in for the install and then afterwords download the required drivers for your video card.
My advise to everyone ... if you are a Linux newbie, stick with the major distros (redhat/fedora, SuSE, Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo, Slackware, etc.) You can also use a remake that is basically the original (Pink Tie Linux, White Box Enterprise Linux, etc.).

Don't use Lindows (I have a problem with requiring a subscription to download free software, packaged specifically to work with their proprietary installer .. and auto running as root) ... but that is a personal observation. Some people love Lindows...and they do have good tech support.

If you are going to use another distro (other than the major ones), make sure that distro has either a good forum or a good mailing list that is farily active.
Thank you for the response! After the issues with icepack, I went to Mandrake 9.2, then had issues with my SB Live! soundcard (it was "fixed" until I powered down my PC...when I logged back on, it wouldn't read it at all!). So, after much research, I found MEPIS (, a Debian-based distro that rocks! Everything works, and an active forum...heck, the only drawback is a user manual (which they are working on). I was going to give up after the issues with icepack...but the draw to actually learn about an OS was too strong...I find WinXP boring...glad I found LINUX!

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