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Full Version: Connecting To The Internet
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Scuba Steve
Ok I am now trying to connect to the internet.

I am using this and this as references.

They both instruct me first to download a file so i downloaded rp-pppoe-3.5-1.src.rpm
is that the right file?

I moved the file to /usr/local/src

Then I typed:

rpm --rebuild /usr/local/src/rp-pppoe-3.5-1.src.rpm

then i type

rpm -Uvh /usr/local/src/rp-pppoe-3.5-1.src.rpm

it says 100% but i dont know what is accually did.

the guides also say something about typing

tar zxvf /usr/local/src/rp-pppoe-3.5.src.rpm
it says this sould create a new directory. Which it did not.
This is the point i am at. I think i could create a new directory, but i don't know where the directory is suppost to be at. And if any files or anything are created when this command is typed.

I have also ran adsl-setup and I think all went well their.
During adsl-setup I set the DNS servers the same as my Windows XP machine. Could this be my problem?
Nope ... using rpm's in slackware is bad....and the rpm you downloaded is a SRC rpm. What you did would probably work great with another linux distro.

But remember when I told you I didn't like Slackware's package management system, and that they do it different than everyone else? Well, what slackware does not use (that SUSE, RedHat, Mandrake and several other distros do) is RPM (RedHat Package Management) for their package installations).

The package you need to install (that contains adsl-setup, adsl-start, etc. ) for slackware is called:


It's on the Slackware 9.1 CD-1, you probably already installed it on the original install. I would now reinstall it in case you over wrote any of the files. (first remove the rpm install like this:

rpm -qa

That should list any rpms actually installed ....

use this command to remove the rp-pppoe rpm:

rpm -e listed_name

(substitute the name listed from the rpm -qa command above).

Now let's reinstall the program rp-pppoe-3.5-i386-1.tgz

First, put the slackware CD-1 in the cdrom drive and mount it (I know you know how to do this ... we did it yesterday biggrin.gif )

Now run the command:

installpkg /mnt/cdrom/slackware/n/rp-pppoe-3.5-i386-1.tgz

(if you mounted your cd to /cdrom instead of /mnt/cdrom then use installpkg /cdrom/slackware/n/rp-pppoe-3.5-i386-1.tgz instead).
Now you should be able to follow the directions for adsl-setup .... from this document.

Then do adsl-start

Is your ADSL modem USB or ethernet? (Hopefully ethernet)....

Does you PC connect directly to the Modem, or do you have a firewall/router in between?

If there is a firewall/router, it needs to do the PPPOE stuff and you just need to setup the ethernet card on the linux machine...
Scuba Steve
I am going through a router my router is already configured with all of my ISP account information. I went ahead and when through adsl-setup. When i finished i typed adsl-start and it timed out. I typed ifconfig eth0 and is looked like everything their was ok, ecept the MAC address for my NIC is different than it was when i had XP installed. Do i still need to configure my NIC?

I never could get the rpm file to delete from the command prompt so i deleted it from KDM.
If you are going through the router, you shouldn't need to do anything with adsl-setup ... or use rp-pppoe at all....

All you should need to do is set your NIC for DHCP and boot the PC. (If you have your router set as a DHCP server).
Scuba Steve
Ok, i am now trying to install the driver for my NIC. I typed

installpkg /mnt/cdrom/slackware/n/netmods.tgz

it says: "Cannot install /mnt/cdrom/slackware/n/netmods.tgz:tgz: package does not end in .tgz"

when i'm in the /mnt/cdrom directory i do not see the netmods.tgz file. When i installed slackware 9.1 i did a full install so i think i might have the file somewhere on my hard drive. The article i'm reading says
Kernel modules that are to be loaded on boot-up are loaded from the rc.modules file in /etc/rc.d. The default rc.modules file includes a “Network device support” section. If you open rc.modules and look for that section, you'll notice that it first checks for an executable rc.netdevice file in /etc/rc.d; rc.netdevice is created if setup successfully autoprobes for your network device during installation.

I cannot see this find the rc.modules file in /etc/rc.d

Also in the previously mentioned article is says to type

installpkg /mnt/cdrom/slakware/n3/netmods.tgz

I do not see that file or directory, i think its a typo but i thought i would mention it.
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