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Full Version: Trouble With Mandrake 9.2
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I can't seem to be able to connect to the internet under mandrake 9.2. I can connect fine with my Windows XP install. My computer itself has a D-ling DFE-550tx ethernet card connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router which is then connected to my cable modem. Are there any problems associated with these things and mandrake 9.2 or any settings I need to know about so I can connect to the internet?

Also something strange, I tried redhat 9 before trying mandrake, and it was able to connect fine.
If you run harddrake (Menu - Configuration - Hardware - Harddrake) or /usr/sbin/harddrake2 from the command prompt...

You should see your network card.

If the network card is there, highlight it, then click the Run Config Tool button.

Set up your network card as DHCP.
That was probably the first thing I did.

Another tidbit of info, when setup as said above, during startup when I switch to verbose and it starts up eth0 it probes xxx.255.255.255 to use as its IP.
Still no luck. Anyone have any more ideas?
What does ifconfig show? Can you ping yourself? Is your router set up as a DHCP server? If you have not installed Webmin yet, I would recommend that. It has a networking tab, with all your networking configuration available. It also has buttons for running ping, dig... and the list goes on. Hope this gets you going. I'm using a similar setup with Mandrake 9.2. I have my linux machine and four winddoze machines on the router. Two connections are wireless, and it all works. Have faith, it can be done. smile.gif
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