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blink.gifi have redhat 7.3 running on my following system..
cpu:intel p4 1.5
intel extreme graphics card
intel ICH4 AC 97 sound card
256mb ram
but there r problems ,my graphics is not in the supported list of graphics
card and i have selected vesa(generic) and it is working fine with a few
hiccups(only 16bit color depth,after logging out the Xwindow crashes and
if u want to get back to X reboot the pc).and sound card is a useless piece
of hardware when i work in is also not supported.anyone has any
indea that whether redhat8 supports these piece of hardwares and if i can
rectify my problems on redhat 7.3 itself or if any release of linux supports them
Well, by the looks of it, you have the same type of sound card (chip) that I have. I use the kernel modules "i810_audio","ac97_codec" and "soundcore" to get my sound going. Just issue the command (as root) "modprobe -v i810_audio" and that should probe all the needed modules. If all else fails you can try redhat's sndconfig program (if it still has it).

More information: i810 Audio in Redhat, andon Intel's support page

Now, as for the graphics, we need to know what kind of chipset the graphics card uses. My guess would be the 845G chipset (which it should state somewhere in your manual or box). You can read on Intel's Support page all about this chipset within linux, it seems to be pretty self-explanatory.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.
i think that there is a difference between ICH4 and ICH2 or1 sound cards.i have tried sndconfig and tried to use i810e but the problem is that my chipset is i845G.and the configuration failed.well i haven't tried modprobe
and i will do the way i have downloaded ALSA driver and i will use it. though ALSA project gives the name of i845 in supported list of cards i will try that.i will welcome any help regarding configuration of ALSA driver.

now the graphics card clearly tells that extreme graphics card is not supported by the redhat 7.3 and it suggests to use VESA(generic) from the list of supported graphics card. but there r pitfalls of it.they also give name of a third party vendor but that driver for extreme graphics card is not free again and they charge a heavy fee for it is clear that i have to use VESA(generic) but anyone has clue why the Xwindow crashes after logging out.and suppose if i want to go to text mode from graphics mode and then if i try to go back to Xwindow then agian it fails.error like failed to contact xserver pop up. smile.gif
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