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Full Version: Help With Viewing A Running Process
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I am a major newbie to linux so bear with me. What I am trying to do is view a process that is running... I am running Enemy Territory Server on a managed server. i use Putty with SSH to conenct and manage it. To start the process I do a Screen and then run the process. then I ctrl A+D to leave the screen. Well now I can no longer view what is going on... without taking down the process (hence the ET server) is there any way to get back to viewing this process in a screen?

Thanks in advance for your help and patience for a linux noob.
If your user only has one screen process running, the command:

screen -R

will take you back into it ....
the command:

screen -ls

lists you all your current screens
the command:

screen -r

to reattach to a specific screen
the command:

screen -S name command

uses the name to make it easier to connect....
for example:

screen top (then exit vi Ctrl-a Ctrl-d)

then screen -ls produces

1168.pts-1.localhost (Detached)

so to connect to this after exiting, you would have to type:

screen -r 1168.pts-1.localhost
but the command:

screen -S top top

followed by screen -ls produces (Detached)

and reattaching is much easier:

screen -r
That was what I was looking for. I thank you very much.
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