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Full Version: M$ 2003 Server
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Guy's sorry if this has been answered before, the forum search is a little screwy..

I have just setup a RedHat 8 machine (future web server) I am wanting to connect to my win2003 server shares from it... I might be a st00ped n00b but I can't figure it out. The RH machine is on the network (DHCP) and can ping to and from it no problems.

Any ideas would be great.

First off, make sure that samba is installed. Samba is a suite of applications that will allow your linux system to see shares on a microsoft network (it can also make your linux box act is if it were a windows computer sharing files and printers on the network). If you're not familiar with it, looks like you have a bit of research ahead of you. might be a good place to start.

If you already have gotten this far, and are just trying to figure out why smbclient or one of it's graphical frontends isn't working, then post what those are and any error messages you get.

A lot of documentation out on the net involves setting up samba shares on a linux computer (server). It seems as if you're looking for a client. A good place there might be the man page for smbclient. smbclient is one of the applications that come with samba that allow you to view shares on a M$ computer, or just a linux computer running a samba server, as disqusting as the whole idea may seem...

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the help.. I managed to get it working no problems. I'm kinda new to linux but I have done a little, just had to do some more reading (RTFM) biggrin.gif

Yep ... BUT there are SO many manuals wink.gif

we don't mind, in the least (at least I don't), helping you figure out which ones are come back if you have any other questions.
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