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Full Version: Small, Fast Distro?
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I fugured that I wouldn't have enough room for Redhat 7.3 on my old computer AND for a few sites... (4GB HDD) So I want it mostly for a web server and I feel pretty comfortable without X now. I know of one though, Debian. But is there anything else? Because last time I had HUGE problems configuring debian! Is freeBSD any good? Or is linux just better! laugh.gif

One last thing. You know "Remote Desktop Connection" (something like that...) Can I log into (graphically) my old computer from my new RedHat 9 with X even though the old computer doesn't have it? And does it matter if the other computer isn't RedHat also?
IMO trustix would make a good webserver distro and it doesn't require much drive space. It is based on Redhat so you would already be familar and no x.

see to download.

There are lots of small foot print distros out there. zipslack, DSL (Damn Small Linux) are but a couple.
I did check out trustix, and it does seem like a very good server distro. I would give it a try in your situation.

WhiteBox Enterprise Linux is based on RHEL 3 AS, and there is a minimum selection (Non-X, about 500 mb) ... you could then add apache, PHP and MySQL to the install...and it is also based on RedHat.

Both these solutions offer security patches and should use RedHat tools you are already familiar with.
Heh... trustix is GREAT! A server (no X) with evething I wanted was about 400MB!!! That's unbeleivable... With RedHat 7.3 it was like 1.3GB (no X) I think. But it's so uptight about security, It'll probably take me a while to get used to it all. My "regular" account got reported for doing "su" without being a sudoer...!!! And I also feel "smarter" changing configuration files myself rather than using some fancy X tool...
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