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Full Version: New Meaning To Newbie
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I read instructions on my new Suse 9 installation( I got past login). Every simple instruction I read is entirely made up of term using the same words I want defined! I was working in Dos in 1985 on, by this a new ballgame and noone gets down to my level.
I retrieved Gnome and Apache, for example, but don't know how to pull them up. Hell!- I can't find a readable definition of what Apache is!
I know in a couple of weeks, SOME of it will come together, but could I have some elementary help on -say- how to get into Gnome. It doesn't appear on my menus.

thanks for putting up with this crying
Are you logging into the console (character based prompt) or a GUI login screen?

GNOME is a custom GUI environment that includes a Display Manager(gdm), a Window Manager (metacity), and many applications.

If you log in via a graphical screen (and if you picked to install a GNOME graphical workstation during the original install), then there should be a dropdown box called Session Type, and gnome should be a selection.

As a new user, you probably don't want to try to install software that you download from any other source than SUSE (unless you need a package that they don't provide).

If you didn't install GNOME Workstation during the original install, open YAST from the main menu (it will require you login with the root user password if you are a regular user).

Now pick Software in the left window and Install and Remove Software in the right window.

In the software saelection window, set the filter drop down box to Selections and in the left window, if it is not checked, check GNOME system ... in the right window, you will see all the individual packages (ie, programs) that must be loaded to load the GNOME system (which is why it is too hard to try and load all these yourself).
Apache (there is apache1 and apache2) is a Web Server program. You can select Simple Webserver (to get apache1) or Simple Webserver with apache2 (to get apache2) ... this will install not only apache, but also the mysql database server and PHP apache modules so you can have a LAMP web server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).
Once again your advice was right on the mark- thank you
As long as I'm at the well-- what can one do with Apache?
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