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Full Version: Xfree86 Problem
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I installed the xFree86 from the website and it appeared i did ok as it said the installation was compleated. When I logged out of my account (the root one) and went to my user one, my Redhat 9.0 desktop was gone! sad.gif Now all i have when i log in is the terminal of the linux. I thought i did everything right when i installed it, but i must not of. Can someone tell me how I fix it to go back to my traditional Redhat desktop?

Again, sorry Im new so thank you for your time.

XFree86 was already installed, so I'm not sure what you were installing or how you installed it....were you doing an upgrade via up2date, apt or yum ... or something else?
Hello, and thank you for the response smile.gif

Truefully, I didn't think I had the xFree86 on my computer. I was installing it because my ATI graphics board was causing my game to have a jumpy mouse, so I just assumed I was missing that program. (told you i was new sad.gif )

Um this may help you on knowing what i did. i provided the link of the directions. they came right off of the xFree86 website and i thought I did what it said correctly except when it came time to configure it. After installing it, I logged off the root and went back to my useer account. When i logged back in, thats when i noticed my Redhat desktop was gone, so I stopped doing anything and am still trying to firuge out what I did unsure.gif . Any ideas?

OK ...

In RedHat (or almost any other version of Linux), if you are in a graphical system (not at the console prompt), you are running XFree86. XFree86 is a free implementation of the XWindows system. There are 2 major desktop systems (and several other smaller ones). The major desktop systems are KDE and GNOME.

RedHat is based on RPM packages .... if you compiled and installed XFree86 source code on top of the RedHat packages, then you are in a very unknown state. You probably have overwritten parts of the RedHat packages with no real way to go back to the original installation.

If you tell me your Monitor make and model and your video card make and model, I can tell you what to put in your /etc/X11/XF86Config file to see if you can get a desktop.

Most problems with bad video performance in Linux stem from bad Monitor configuration. The problem is usually that the Horiziontal Scan Rate and Vertical Refresh rate are not correct in the XFree86 config file.
Hello and thanks for the help.

I believe you are right on me writing over the old Redhat. I seriously thought I didn't have the XFree86.

The model number of my monitor is: HP M50 15in monitor

and the graphics card is a: ATI Radeon 7200 32MB (PCI bus)

I do still have my Redhat disk. Do you think it might be better if i reinstalled it? I don't have anything on it worth saving...yet.

Thank you for the help

Re-installing would probably be best ....

When you do reinstall and you are finished, edit the file:


and change the information that it contains in these lines in the monitor section:

HorizSync 30.0 - 49.0
VertRefresh 50.0 - 100.0

and this line in the video card section

Driver "ati"


Driver "radeon"

(either ati or radeon should work)

Here is the product manual for the HP M50.
I've just installed Mandrake 9.2
I got home with things ok, I make a test for Display component (XFdrake)
and it worked property. But when I restart the system,
I cant load KDE (or any Graphical interface) anymore. The log file records:
could not init font path element unix/:-1 removing from list!
Fatal server error
could not open default font 'fixed'


Then I login by the terminal, retest the 3Dcard again,
the card works perfect.
After finished testing, I type 'startx' and surprisingly, KDE load successfully.
But it's only loaded whenever i finished testing XFdrake. Whenever I restart the computer, KDE never loaded until i logged in and tested XFdrake.

Pliz help me with this, thank you very much
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