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Full Version: Results On My Domain
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I we look at's test result of my domain you can actually see i have problem on my reverse dns and this "acceptance of domain literals"... could someone tell me how to fix this problem? or any working config especially reverse dns zone..

Reverse lookup domains are controlled by the owner of the IP address (usually a Telecom company). Here is the reverse lookup owner for the IP address

I would start with a call or email to the point of contact at the forward look-up mantainer ( HERE and ask them if a reverse lookup can be give to your address. if this is not a permanent address (ie, after a year or two it is going to change), the reverse lookup name might be

It isn't important that the reverse look name match the host name ... only that the machine have a reverse lookup name.

If won't help, I'd write an e-mail to asking for a reverse lookup record...

descr: zone for 203/8
admin-c:      DNS3-AP
tech-c:       DNS3-AP
zone-c:       DNS3-AP
mnt-by:       MAINT-AP-DNS
mnt-lower:    MAINT-AP-DNS
changed: 20010215
changed: 20010412
changed: 20010611
source:       APNIC
role:         DNS Administration
address:      Level 1
address:      33 Park Road
address:      Milton QLD 4064
country:      AU
phone:        +61 7 3367 0490
fax-no:       +61 7 3367 0482
admin-c:      HM20-AP
tech-c:       NO4-AP
nic-hdl:      DNS3-AP
remarks:      DNS zone files maintainer
mnt-by:       MAINT-APNIC-AP
changed: 19990203
source:       APNIC
Well I guess that would better, Ill do that. Btw, I owned the domain ( and i ran my own dns server for that domain (, i have the hosts file and the reverse host file, should be i control the reverse rather than my provider? Should reverse lookup will be originating from my dns server rather than from my provider? In fact, if I try to lookup for the ip addresses directly from my dns server, it actually resolved it, but if i use an outside dns server which is not connected to my org in any way, it cant find it. It supposed to look directly to my dns server, isnt it?


Not normally ... the reverse lookup domains are normally controlled only at the Class "C" level ... It is possible to assign a subnet of a Class C network to a different server:

The person who controls that IP address (or addresses) would have to make the IN-ADDR.ARPA assignement for that subnet to your DNS ... If it is only 1 IP (or a small subnet of < 32 addresses) it would be easier for them to just add the reverse lookup name(s) you want.

(Although any reverse look name will do from the standpoint of being able to send e-mail ... it doesn't have to be the actual FQDN for the server)
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