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Full Version: Ssh Questions
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How do I deny all logins except for one user in SSH? Can I then switch to root once logged in?

Once logged in remotely, if I type startx, what will happen...will the gnome gui load up as normal?

startx won't work .... but you have X11 running on the machine you login from ... and if you have X11 forwarding turned on for the server's (where you are logging into) sshd (in the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config) AND you have X11 forwarding turned on for your client's (the machine you are loggin in from) ssh (in file /etc/ssh/ssh_config) ... then you can run individual gui based programs on the machine by typing in the command at the command line.

For example, ssh into the server (after configuring ssh on your client and sshd on the server to forward X11) and type mozilla ... mozilla opens from the inside machine (if you have mozilla installed).

You can setup a vnc server if you want the entire desktop visable ... but I wouldn't do that.

If you want be the only person to log in, you can use Public-Key_Authentication (this guide is good ... but the path is /etc/ssh and use the tool names and files names from OpenSSH (ssh_config, sshd_config vice ssh2_config .... ssh-keygen vice ssh-keygen2, etc.) After Public-Key authentication is working, turn off password authentication. But then you can only connect from machines with your key installed...

You can also limit authentication to specific hosts instead.
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