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Scuba Steve
I was woundering what the difference between the three file systems Ext2, Ext3, and reiserfs. All I know so far is that Ext2 is the traditional version, Ext3 is a journaling verson, and Reiserfs is a balanced tree structure. I do not know anything about linux file systems. I know these three can be use with Slackware 9.1. Does each distrobution have its own file systems. Or are these use by all distrobutions. Can these three be compared to FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS?
ext2 is fast, but without journaling it is very risky (it has to find and fix errors on every improper shutdown).

ext3 is ext2 with journaling ... it is what I would recommend installing for most users. In a pinch, ext3 and be mounted as ext2.

reiserfs is available on most linux distros now (except redhat) ... I have installed it a couple times, but I personally would just stick with ext3.

Everthing you could ever want to know about filesystems ....

ReiserFS (there are 5 other parts to this article).

Ext3 here and here
ext3 any day.
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