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This question probably doesn't rate "technical" but:

I just (now) installed Suse 9, got thru the 1st of 5 disks and it rebooted--ok--
it then asked me for a login name, password, and choice of window managers.
Presently, I'm not worried about the manager, but I've chosen no login parameters and it would take none of my usual.
I'm probably opening Pandora's Box here as I still have 4 more disks.
I'm new to Linux, but have been playing with these machines since Dos 2.0.

I'm dual booting Linux and Windows and the boot manager went ok.

Repeat my question-how do I get past login if I was never asked for this info?
during the install it should have asked you to put in a root user password and allowed you to create a regular user as well.

If you didn't create a non-root user, you can try to login as root ...
thanks Hughes-
shows how new a newbie can be ? worked well
Scuba Steve
I had a similar problem so i thought i would ask under the same topic. I created a root user password during installation, before i restarted for the first time. After I rebooted i typed in root for the user name and my password. It will not let me in, what am i doing wrong?
usernames and passwords are case sensitive ....

Are you booting to GUI mode or Console ... sometimes GUI mode won't allow root to login.

If you are in GUI mode, pres Ctrl-Alt-F2, login as root, and create a non-root user with the command:

useradd -s /bin/bash -g username -G wheel,users -p password username

(where username is the new user's name and password is the new user's password.)

you should then be able to login to the GUI display manager as that user (tpye exit to logout of the root user and Ctrl-Alt-F7 to get back to the GUI login screen).
Scuba Steve
Ok i successfuly loged in as root(had CAPS on)sorry, I created a new accound and paid attention to the case and everything and was not able to login and the non-root user. I am doing all of this from -the command line prompt. I tried ctrl-alt-f7 and it didn't do anything. Is everything after the -p my password or just the next word? What i typed was
useradd -s /bin/bash -g Steven -G wheel,users -p golf Steven
is my password: golf, or is is: golf Steven
Anyway i tried them both not sure what to do from here.
The username should be Steven and the password should be golf

If it doesn't work, as the root user, do the command:

less /etc/passwd

The last entry should be Steven ... if it is press q to exit less, do the comamnd:

less /etc/group ... the last entry should be Steven as well ...

If it is, press q to exit less and type the command:

passwd Steven

and you should be able to enter a new password for Steven

After that issue the command:

su - Steven

and you should be able to change users to Steven.

If that works, type exit to go back to root ... then exit again to get to the login prompt and ty to login as Steven.
The Ctrl-Alt-F7 only works to get back to a display (from console mode) if you have a GUI Display already running.
Scuba Steve
Ok i don't think it is creating the Steven account. When I type in

useradd -s /bin/bash -g Steven -G wheel,users -p golf Steven

it says

unknown group Steven

How do I get into the GUI?
If you selected your monitor and video card as part of the startup, you should be able to start the GUI with the command:


logged in as the root user...
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