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Full Version: The Use Of Sorce Code
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Scuba Steve
I understand that sorce code is distributed with each copy of Linux. I would have no idea how to edit it or apply the changes I made to it if I did edit it. Do most people edit the sorce code to secure their systems or do most people just download the OS and use it like I do?
I would say that most people just compile it and use it and never look at it. Unless you are a pretty competent linux programmer the most useful purpose it serves it being able to compile modules for to it. Some things, namely drivers, need to be able to read the source code to patch it and than recompile it. Thatís probably the most useful way to use it with out spending lots of time learning how to program in linux.

Another way to use source code is in kernel updates, instead of re-compiling the entire kernel you can select chunks out of the code you want to add to your existing code, say a security update or something. Thatís really only useful if all you want is a security update because the rest of your system works and you donít want to risk it not working. But that is often times more complicated than re-patching your kernel with the modules you need.

Long and the short of it, the source code is handy, but rarely is the average are you opening it up in emacs and marching through it line by line to make custom changes.
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