I just installed installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 on my computer as a duel boot with Windows ME. I am having problems with getting the linux to recognizing my ethernet card (or at least thats what it seems to be) I have a HP EN1207D-TX PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter. I looked all over the internet using Google and have had little luck with finding a solution. The best I found was something about my card not being Linux friendly. If someone could help me with either

A) finding a driver or something so that Red Hat recognises my ethernet card


cool.gif if it comes down to me having to get a different card, any recomendations? It would have to be one that would work with both the windows and linux. My nearsest stores don't know much about linux so I don't think they could help me much at all in this area.

Just incase, my computer is a HP Pavilion 7850.


ps. Im realy new with linux so please bear with me and an extra thanks for any help.