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Full Version: Downloading An Iso Image
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Scuba Steve
I have and new to linux and want to download it. I have figured out that I need to download an ISO Image. When i went to and ftp site to download it there were many files. I am assuming that the only files I need to download is the files that end in .iso. Is that all I need? There are also files that end in .iso.md5 and .torrent. Do I need these files. If the .iso files are all you need why do all of these sites have all of the other files?
It's because they are all useful!!! the .iso.md5 files, enable you to check the md5 sum of the iso once it is downloaded to make sure it is not corrupted. Because if it is corrupted the install will fail because there was an error in the files. To do this you need a md5 program. You don't HAVE to check the md5, but I HIGHLY reccommend it because it has already happened to me that one of the disks was corrupted andI had to restart the whole installation. ( Which is pretty long if your computer is out of date and if you picked to do a custom installation. )

.torrent isn't necessary. It is a p2p thing. They are for the BitTorrent program which is extremely good, I got half of my pograms there! If you are interested in bittorrent though I suggest you download it then go here: to find a ton of bittorrent files!

I reccommend though, that you download the ISOs directly from ftp, because the ftp server is on 24/7, and bittorrent is like a tiny, safe Kazaa. So if the owner of the file leaves, your download is stopped untill he comes back on.
Scuba Steve
What is a good md5 program? Just to make sure i understand you, first i download and ISO image then I download an .md5 file and i use the md5 program to run the .md5 file. Please respond to tell me if this is correct.
Which distro are you downloading?
Linux normally has md5 checking built in...

you can issue this command in the directory where the iso files get downloaded to (on a linux machine...):

md5sum *.iso

it will print a list like this:

c2c3d56b46092373a77c01efb5bb4d5b liberation-i386-binary-1-fixed.iso
ade43f624747b8639bb56a6869423b56 liberation-i386-binary-2-fixed.iso
184af501ce2a2e507371558b77d075a6 liberation-i386-binary-3-fixed.iso

You can then look at the md5 sums and make sure the files are good...
QUOTE (Scuba Steve @ Jan 29 2004, 03:00 PM)
What is a good md5 program? Just to make sure i understand you, first i download and ISO image then I download an .md5 file and i use the md5 program to run the .md5 file. Please respond to tell me if this is correct.

The md5sum is a 128 bit checksum. You can search the web to find lots of info on md5. The premise is that it is almost impossible for two files to have the same value. The md5 file contains the 128 bit hex checksum value.

When you execute the md5sum utility i.e md5sum <filename>.iso (BTW there is a windows version too) it will generate a 128 bit hex value. If this number is the same as number contained in the md5 file from the website then you are assured the download was successfull.
Scuba Steve
I downloaded Slackware Linux 9.1. I had Windows XP. I orgianally didn't check the md5 sum and tried to install slack, I was prolly 10 minutes into installation and it said some files were corrupt. Specificly it said:
Installpkg error #2
This doesn't mean anything to me, if someone knows what it is please tell me.
Also I burned the ISO image to a CD and do not have the iso file on my computer. Can I still check the sum using a md5 program?
Thanks for your comments.
You have to have the .ISO to do an MD5 check.

Even if the ISO file checks out good, sometimes there are problems when burning the ISO.

Here is a md5sum program for windows.

If the install will proceed, you can download that specific program later (it is only text-post script filter).

If there are other errors, I would re-download the ISO
Scuba Steve
So to make sure the file is downloaded right the md5 sum should be exacly the same?
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