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Full Version: Which Distribution?
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Ok, now that Red Hat is moving to be propriatary (I know, I know, source is available, but still...), and I'm really not in the mood to be an unpaid beta tester for a commercial OS with Fedora, what distribution of linux should I be looking at to move my various machines to? We're currently on RH 9 (although I have one machine running Enterprise 3), and I frankly have no qualms about formatting and completely reinstalling ALL of the RH 9 machines...but I'd like to standardise on a distribution that is what the _old_ Red Hat used to be; something solid, with security warnings (I neither need nor particularly _like_ up2date, I just want to be warned if there's a discovered problem), but also a distribution that doesn't have a royal fit if some things on the machine are compiled from source.

I'm not a guru, but I'm not a newbie, either, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. I'd appreciate any and all recommendations.

What kind of desktop do you want? If you are looking for a highly graphical system like KDE or GNOME I like Mandrake. If you like a command line interfaces with lots of power Debian is slick, we use that in all the linux labs here at the UofM. Not that Mandrake can't run command line oriented desktops. Some other guys I know like SuSe. Me personally though, I vouch for Mandrake.

Check out the poll here to see what other people on the forum are using.

What Distribution Are You Running?
I glad someone else feels the same way about this Red Hat thing as I do. I think its lame what Redhat is doing and I'm moving all my Redhat 9 systems to some other distro as well.

I have been reading and see a lot of different options. Mandrake seems like a good place to start since its similar to Redhat. I like that is also use RPM for packages, im use to that.

Lofcom, let us know what you settle on.
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