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Can someone recomend a program that will alow me to ssh into a network and run programs off of it graphically? I mean, linux has an x-windows system running so why when you just use 'ssh -l login hostname' wont it let you run graphically? Thank you.
If you are logging in via ssh and linux, you can run things graphically without any additional software.

You must first configure the ssh server (the machine you want to log in to) to do X11 forwarding ... you do this by editing the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and set X11Forwarding on by removing the # in front of:

X11Forwarding yes

Now restart sshd on the ssh server (machine you are loggin into) with this command:

/etc/init.d/sshd restart
Then on the client machine (the one you will be logging in from), go to /etc/ssh and edit the file /etc/ssh_config and set the line X11Forwarding line in that file to yes as well:

X11Forwarding yes

Also on the machine you are logging in from (the clinet machine), issue the command xhost +

ssh to the server and run the command in the window ... you should get the graphical program on the client computer.
I probably should have specified that I have no access to the system I am logging into. I am logging into the central system at my school so I can't change any settings on the system. I know you can run stuff graphically off the system because windows users can you something like x-windows to run graphically off the system. So is there any other way that I can do it with out changing anything on the main system, but only my system?
try all the client setting changes that I mentioned and give it a try ....

(make sure you have your forward X11 set and do xhost +, login to the remote server and try to run a graphical program)
Sweet. This makes my life much easier
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